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Klee acoustics interconnects and speaker cables represent an awe-inspiring leap forward in audio cable design: Special alloy resistive flat metal ribbon cables create electrically linear signal pathways all the way from the music source to the loudspeakers.  This seminal discovery spells the end of troublesome group-delay time smear created by inductive reactance.  Klee Acoustics special alloy ribbons are more than physically flat; they are electrically flat to zero dB from 5 Hz to 1 mHz.  Ordinary cables typically made of copper or silver or similar metals are highly electrically-conductive, which necessarily create powerful impeding inductive fields that vary with the frequency of the signal, and therefore in accordance with the laws of physics selectively restrict, or color, the music.  Attempts to harness these undesirable inductive fields with special “locked in” physical geometries are only partially successful, since such cables must necessarily favor one frequency band over another.  Klee Acoustics cables permit musical signals to travel through a purely resistive pathway that is completely free of inductive reactance,

conquering a final stubborn roadblock that has heretofore defeated cable designers since the dawning of the high-end stereo age.  Technically speaking, the tiny yet pure DC resistive load of a Klee Acoustics special metal-alloy ribbon cable swamps, or suppresses, its own inductance, and therefore removes time-smearing, music-corrupting inductive reactance from the equation once and for all.  This is the core novel feature of the Klee Acoustics landmark patent. 

Klee Acoustics cables employ polished ribbons geometrically configured for the optimum number of skin depths necessary to accommodate the entire musical spectrum.  Since the special metal-alloy ribbon material is similar to gold in its resistance to destructive oxidization, surface-traveling high-frequency signals can never be corrupted by oxidative skin “rust” due to exposure to the atmosphere, and therefore the ribbons can be suspended in a weave enclosure that is 90 per cent air, which has an important added benefit: They are essentially free from dielectric energy storage which otherwise blurs fine musical detail.  And there’s yet another unique superiority: When EMI/RFI noise impinges upon Klee Acoustics ribbons the noise signal sees the ribbons as “toaster wire,” and the microwatt signals are converted to heat and dissipated long before they reach the terminating plugs—so there’s no need for a performance-degrading shield. 

Klee Acoustic “Grand Illusion” speaker cables are designed with the same patented special metal-alloy, oxide-free air-suspension polished ribbon technology as Klee interconnects, while adding an inner sandwich core of highly conductive metal ribbon necessary to transfer bass frequencies to the loudspeaker completely intact, with full amplifier output motor current and damping power while concomitantly transferring unfettered, the elusive and diaphanous fine musical micro-detail so vital to recreating the “Grand Illusion” of a live performance.  The result is astonishing.  As described in the Klee Acoustics primary patent, musical signals traveling through “Grand Illusion” speaker cables seek their own pathway of transfer, naturally and ultra-coherently transitioning in the midrange frequencies from the dense, dead-soft, silver/tin central ribbon domain to the resistive super-hard chromium alloy outer ribbon domain. The multi-laminate hybrid ribbon construction completely suppresses musically-corrupting inductive reactance while simultaneously serving as an EMI/RFI shield.  “Grand Illusion” speaker cables are relatively heavy and are therefore immune to microphonic perturbations that would otherwise blur musical signals, which is often a problem with lightweight cables. Since “Grand Illusion” speaker cables offer musical signals an infinite number of pathways to the loudspeaker there is never a need for bi-wiring.  Moreover, the forward and return runs of “Grand Illusion” speaker cables are separate and discrete, with essentially zero interelectrode capacitance which otherwise softens fine musical detail and nuance.

The result of this seminal Patented technology is simple: The best transfer of music.  One listen will prove it to you–proving that your components are better than you thought, and proving that you favorite discs possess far more information than you’ve ever heard before.  With Klee Acoustic cables in your system, here’s a prediction: On first play, you’ll be up all night as you rediscover your music.

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